about EE Times Japan

EE Times Japan has been the No.1 electronics publication in Japan since the launch in July 2005.

It is the information source for the creators of eco-friendly electronic society with its sister publications of "MONOist".

Editorial Contact Norihiro Satsukawa, Managing Editor
Tel: +81-3-6824-9373
Japan Sales Contact Masaya Ishida, Publisher
Tel: +81-3-6824-9373
US Sales Contacts Todd Bria, Global Media Sales
Tel: +1-831-477-2075
Steven Priessman, Global Media Sales
Tel: +1-630-420-8744
European Sales Contacts André Rousselot, European Business Press
Tel: +32-2-740 00 50
Asian Sales Contact Bennie Hui, Global Sources
Tel: +852-2831-0657


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